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Learning, Literacy & Life Skills


Engaging in art activities also helps the children to become patient, focused and disciplined as they unravel the path to perseverance.


Children will develop a life-long love for Asanas and movement. Learners will be guided through breathing exercises body awareness and flexibilty.


Children will train simple machine-learning models and use them to play games, know about implications of machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Story Telling

While the thought of public speaking can make many adults nervous, children might easily overcome this fear by getting exposed to it early in their lives.


Yoga helps develop physical strength and flexibility in children, emotional regulation, enhance memory and concentration, increase awareness, impart mindfulness, and develop discipline.
Let’s Flex it !!!


Art as an activity ignites creativity, encourages neural connections, boosts self-confidence, improves cognitive skills, triggers critical thinking, promotes problem-solving skills, and also develops motor skills.
Learn by exploring various artworks and creating your own.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a leading technology driving almost every innovation right now. This course if for kids of the modern generation who are curious about technology and the future.
The world awaits your innovation !!

Story Telling

Storytelling opens a world of possibilities igniting curiosity, expanding horizons, sharpening memory, improving vocabulary, fostering listening, and attention, becoming expressive, making learning efficient, understanding culture and society.

3D Printing

3D Design and Printing is a combination of two learning principles Design-based learning and Learning by Doing. The course fosters critical thinking, improves problem-solving skills, nurtures creativity, and enhances cognitive function.
Bring your design to life !!


The ability to solve problems is a trait that is useful in life in general. We all want our children to become excellent problem solvers so that they can overcome any adversity they face. Learning to code gives children the chance to learn this type of skill while they are young and it can help them along the way in life.


Learn from the most creative instructors

Let your kids experience the power of 21st Century Skills and competencies to develop Learning and Innovation skills, Sharpen Digital Literacy skills, and master life skills, which would make them gracefully blossom both in life and career.

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Encourage active participation, collaborative and communication skills through peer learning.


Enrich creativity, imagination that fosters critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Cultivate practices and movements that supports strength, flexibility, stamina and hand eye coordination.


Develop self awareness, compassion, humility, being vision/value led, and sense of vocation.


Develop self confidence by becoming expressive and also cultivate joyfulness and empathy.

'Bring Your Friend' Scheme

Learn with your friends and have the comfort of your clan. In Bytesor a batch can have maximum of 5 students and they all can be your friends. And the best part is you and your friends get discount if you guys learn together.

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