AI ML with Rajesh Demo

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the leading technologies driving almost every invention right now. We have crafted this course for the kids of the modern generation who are curious about this driving technology and the future. This course is designed and structured by subject and pedagogy experts addressing all the learning goals in New education policy 2020 and The United nations.  The course adopts “Learn By Doing” pedagogy, which makes the learning process fun and engaging for the kids and sets an environment around them that fosters critical thinking, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

By working on real-time applications and projects, kids learn from their errors and improvise immediately, peer learning also makes this process more fun and challenge-driven. During the timeline of the course, kids will be able to relate to everyday technology(smartphones) and processes such as search engines that use artificial intelligence for a better understanding of the course. This learning process would make them more curious and motivate them to take up new projects out of self-interest.

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