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Lesson 3: MODULE 4,5 & 6

byteprofessor November 29, 2022

Module 4: JavaScript Fundamentals

Introduction to JavaScript: Students are introduced to JavaScript, its purpose, and its role in adding interactivity to web pages.

Variables and Data Types: This section covers JavaScript variables, data types (such as numbers, strings, and booleans), and variable declaration.

Operators and Expressions: Here, students learn about JavaScript operators and expressions for performing arithmetic, comparison, and logical operations.

Control Flow: Conditional Statements and Loops: Students learn about conditional statements (if, else if, else) and loops (for, while) for controlling the flow of code execution.

Functions: This section covers JavaScript functions, including function declaration, parameters, return values, and function invocation.

Working with Arrays and Objects: Students learn about JavaScript arrays and objects, including array methods and object properties.

Module 5: Introduction to Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?: This section introduces students to the concept of responsive web design and its importance in creating websites that adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

Media Queries: Students learn how to use CSS media queries to apply different styles based on the device’s screen size and orientation.

Building Responsive Layouts: Here, students learn practical techniques for building responsive layouts using CSS, such as fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries.

Module 6: Introduction to Git and Version Control

Understanding Version Control: This section introduces students to the concept of version control and its importance in managing project files and collaboration.

Introduction to Git: Students learn about Git, a popular version control system, its basic commands, and how to set up a Git repository.

Basic Git Commands: This section covers basic Git commands for initializing a repository, staging files, committing changes, and pushing/pulling changes to/from a remote repository.