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Lesson 4: MODULE 7,8 & 9

byteprofessor February 14, 2023

Module 7: Putting It All Together – Building Your First Website

Planning Your Website: Students learn about the importance of planning and organizing their website’s structure, content, and design before starting development.

Setting Up Your Development Environment: Here, students learn how to set up a local development environment with text editors, browsers, and other necessary tools.

Creating HTML Structure: Students start building their first website by creating the HTML structure using the concepts learned in Module 2.

Adding Styles with CSS: This section covers styling the website using CSS, applying the concepts learned in Module 3 to customize the appearance.

Enhancing with JavaScript (optional): Optionally, students can add interactivity to their website using JavaScript, applying the concepts learned in Module 4.

Version Controlling Your Project with Git: Students learn how to use Git to version control their project, tracking changes and collaborating with others.

Module 8: Deploying Your Website

Introduction to Web Hosting: This section introduces students to web hosting services and explains the process of deploying a website to a web server.

Deploying Your Website on GitHub Pages (or similar platforms): Students learn how to deploy their website to a hosting platform like GitHub Pages, making it accessible to the public.

Module 9: Further Learning and Resources

Recommended Books, Courses, and Websites: Students are provided with resources for further learning, including books, online courses, and websites related to web development.

Joining Web Development Communities: This section encourages students to join web development communities and forums to connect with other learners, ask questions, and share experiences.

Each module builds upon the previous one, gradually introducing new concepts and skills while providing hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce learning.