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What are the types of News Gathering?

Swethan April 24, 2024

News gathering refers to the process of collecting information and reporting on current events. There are several types of news gathering methods, each with its own approaches and techniques:

  1. Interviews: Journalists conduct interviews with key sources, including experts, eyewitnesses, officials, and individuals directly involved in news events. Interviews provide firsthand accounts, expert analysis, and diverse perspectives on the story.
  2. Observation: Journalists observe events as they unfold, either in person or through remote means such as surveillance cameras or livestreams. Observational reporting provides direct insight into ongoing situations and allows journalists to capture real-time developments.
  3. Research: Journalists research news stories by gathering information from various sources, including public records, government documents, academic studies, and previous news reports. Research helps journalists verify facts, uncover background information, and provide context for their stories.