Story Telling - Be an Author

6-9 Years

We group children of this age as they become able to understand the viewpoint of others, communicate better and express themselves.

10-14 Years

We group children of this age as they typically think in concrete ways and are gradually beginning to grasp abstract and symbolic concepts.

Starting: ₹6000/3 Months

₹250 per session

Why Story Telling From Bytesor ?

Storytelling opens a world of possibilities igniting curiosity, expanding horizons, sharpening memory,  improving vocabulary, fostering listening, and attention, becoming expressive, making learning efficient, understanding culture and society. This course is designed and structured by art and pedagogy experts addressing all the learning goals in New education policy 2020 and The United nations. 

We use several activities such as icebreaker activities for trust and group building, peer discussion, identifying plots in stories, creating stories that help kids get involved in the course, and also developing a sense of liking for books and reading. We have invested so much time and love handcrafting this course so that your kid will have so much fun with learning.

Learning Outcome - SPEC


Encourages active participation, cooperation and improves communication skills.


Promotes a feeling of mental well-being, calmness and physical relaxation.


Inculcate relatability to others, also cultivate a deep sense of virtue and empathy.


Encourages creativity, imagination and enhances verbal proficiency.

Story Telling- Course Details


24 Sessions


48 Sessions


72 Sessions

Story Telling - Learning Plan

6- 9 Age Group
10-14 Age Group
2+ Genres 8+ Storytelling Techniques Learn Impact of stories
38+ Subgenres 48+ Subgenres Create your fable
Plot Analysis Formats of stories Author stories
Techniques of Storytelling Analysis of Story Elements Exploit Storytelling
4 P’s of Storytelling Plot Analysis -Diagram Oil Pastels
Peer Learning Peer Discussion Improve public speaking
2+ Genres - Level 2 8+ Storytelling Techniques - Level 2 Learn Impact of stories - Level 2
38+ Subgenres - Level 2 48+ Subgenres - Level 2 Create your fable - Level 2
Plot Analysis - Level 2 Formats of stories - Level 2 Author stories - Level 2
Techniques of Storytelling - Level 2 Analysis of Story Elements - Level 2 Exploit Storytelling - Level 2
4 P’s of Storytelling - Level 2 Plot Analysis -Diagram - Level 2 Oil Pastels - Level 2
Peer Learning - Level 2 Peer Discussion - Level 2 Improve public speaking - Level 2

Course Requirements


Fast Internet


Drawing Book

Parents Love Bytesor


No, our courses are designed in a way that kids get to learn the foundation of each skill before advancing. Our instructors deliver the skill based on individual kids needs and also make it fun and engaging for them.

No, kids will be able to attend the sessions independently without the help of an adult. Our instructors monitor each kid’s progress and mindfully guide them during the entire session.

Our courses are structured by art and pedagogy experts to address all the learning goals framed by the New Education Policy 2020 and United Nations. This course helps your kid unravel their creative potential by themselves and explore the possibilities of growth.

We offer 1 on 1 sessions and flexible timing on our platform. We also provide recorded online sessions for the kid so that they don’t miss out on anything important.

Yes, two sessions will be enough for your kid to follow and advance in the skill. This also helps them to allot time for their subject and school activities. We also ensure that we give enough material and motivation that the kid practices apart from the session.

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